Port Orford photos by WAW member Jerry Gowins

Let’s Dance!

The Whirl-A-Ways dance the second and third Saturday of each month, September through June at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda Street, Springfield, Oregon.

In addition to dancing the Whirl-A-Ways have non-dancing social functions throughout the year: Friendship Dinner, Spring Campout, Summer Campout, Summer Picnic, and a Fall Campout.

We dance because square dancing is friendship and fun set to music. Dancing is also good physical activity that stimulates blood flow to the body as well as the brain. The medical profession has long held that dancing is a very beneficial activity for overall health and cognitive functions.

Square dancing is an alcohol, drug, and smoking free activity. Oregon is only one of 22 states that have adopted square dancing as the official state dance.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor!