christinaChristina was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Deer Lodge, Montana. Her mother still lives in Deer Lodge. Christina was a shy child and very quiet. The only dancing done was with her brother around the coffee table Sunday nights when classical music was on the radio. She went to Western Montana College in Dillon and has a degree in elementary music education and one in elementary education. She taught in Libby, Montana for one year before coming to Oregon in 1970. She taught music in Albany for a year. She taught music in Junction City and then shifted to classroom teaching in the mid seventies. She’s been with the Junction City school district since 1971 and retired in 2000. She worked at the U of O until 2009 supervising student teachers and teaching an occasional workshop.

Christina Corelli and Kirby Goode
Christina Corelli and Kirby Goode

Christina has been cueing and teaching about 30 years. Her first cueing was with Diamond Circulators where Royal Greenman let her do “Frenchy Brown,” “Louisiana Saturday Night” and New, York, New York.” Don Iverson told her she was pretty good and the rest is history. Over a thousand records later she is now the cuer for Danebo Circle Eight, Buccaneers and Whirl-A-Ways. Christina and Kirby took intermediate and advanced rounds from Pat Hintz, Ray and Betty Hanna, Ron and Mary Noble and John and Suzette Juhring.. They teach phases 2 through 5 in round dancing.

They are both on the program in Pentiction, British Columbia each summer. Christina has been on the program since 1986 and Kirby since 1996. They invite you to join them every August.

They have both called and cued at national conventions and mid-winter and summer festivals. Christina and Kirby have been featured cuers for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Canada twice, Diamond Lake, Pear Blossom Festival twice, Washington State Festival, Potato Festival, Boatnik Fstival, Detroit Lake Festival, Sand Dune Sashay, and a few others.

I cue for Whirl-A-Ways, Buccaneers and Wolf Pack.  (Danebo Circle 8 no longer exits.)
My mother passed away in 2011 after moving to Missoula.
Right now, my husband, Kirby Goode, a retired caller for Danebo Circle 8 is on ‘in home’ hospice care and has been since November of 2016.
I am teaching beginners and intermediate rounds on Monday night at the Emerald Dance Center in Springfield.  I keep pretty busy cueing and teaching and doing an occasional sub job for cuers.  I’ll start Beginner Waltz in September and Beginner Two-Step in January.