DSCN0852Lots of Fun – You will wonder if it can be legal to have this much fun! Fun, fitness, fellowship, friendship, and food – all favorite words you will enjoy.

Stress Relief – Since square and round dancing is led by a leader giving commands, you become so focused on the “calls” that your other mental worries are forgotten, at least for a couple of hours. It’s an activity that’s good for your mind and body!

Calorie Burn – Dancing burns between 200 and 400 calories in thirty minutes of dancing — a fun way to achieve this benefit.

Mentally Healthy – Dancing bolsters enthusiasm and optimism. Studies have shown that activities that involve both physical and mental activity at the same time help slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Balance – Studies have shown that most adults who dance tend to have less incidents of falling as they get older.

Cardiovascular Fitness – Dancing improves your blood circulation, can lead to a slower heart rate, may lower your blood pressure, and can help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Body and Brain Boost – Square and round dancers execute the calls as they are announced, which keeps the body and brain challenged. Memorized calls work a part of the brain; the caller’s choreography works another part.

Walking – If your goal is 10,000 steps per day to maintain physical fitness, you can usually achieve that goal by dancing.

Strong Bones – The side-to-side movements of dancing strengthen your weightbearing bones and help you prevent and/or slow the loss of bone mass.

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise – Dancing increases your flow of blood and nutrients throughout your body as you walk to the music and keeps your joints moving. It helps you tone and shape your muscles.

Safe – You dance in a chemical-free setting–no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs – often a school gym or cafeteria or a church hall or community center.

More Friends – Dancing is for everybody: youth, solos, couples and families. You will meet new people easily in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Everyone is always welcome at square and round dances.