The caller and spouse or partner, and cuer and spouse or partner shall be Associate non-voting club members. They may pay dues and have full club privileges.

CALLER will:

  • Conduct workshops in areas requested by the club.
  • Call dances at the advertised level.
  • Become (with spouse or partner) full club members, if so desired.
  • Attend club business meetings and club functions.
  • Be punctual.
  • Consult about square dance matters and be free to offer suggestions.
  • Furnish his or her own sound equipment.
  • Wear customary square dance attire to all club dances.
  • Not cue round dances.
  • Use own discretion in asking visiting callers to call during a dance.
  • Furnish a substitute caller if unable to call as scheduled. (With advance notice of absence club may want to make its own selection of a guest caller.)
  • Agree annually to a written contract. Caller and club shall give 30 days notice of requested change in a current agreement.
  • Provide professional integrity at all times.
  • Caller and spouse or partner do not pay dance fees.

CUER will:

  • Cue dances as required by contract.
  • Be punctual
  • Cue to the level of the dancers in attendance, and can consider special requests.
  • Conduct teaches if requested by club.
  • Become (with spouse or partner) full club members if so desired. (instead of Associate members)
  • Attend club business meetings and club functions.
  • Consult regarding round dance matters and be free to offer suggestions.
  • Furnish her or his own sound equipment.
  • Use own discretion in asking visiting cuers to cue during a dance.
  • Furnish a substitute cuer if unable to cue as scheduled. (With advance notice of absence, club may want to make its own selection of a guest cuer)
  • Agree annually to a written contract. Cuer and club shall give 30 days notice of a requested change in contract agreement.
  • Provide professional integrity at all times.


  • Teach classes in an acceptable manner.
  • Provide classes so new dancers achieve Mainstream program.


  • Direct the activities of the club.
  • Preside at business meetings. (Take over from outgoing President on June 1.)
  • Arrange for an audit of the club books prior to the end of his/her term of office.
  • Appoint a nominating committee prior to March 1.
  • Appoint a replacement when a vacancy occurs on the board of officers.
  • Preside at dance breaks, greeting guests and making announcements. If unable to attend, arrange for Vice-President or other officer to preside.
  • Be responsible for seeing that a newsletter is produced at least quarterly.
  • Appoint, or reappoint, chairpersons: Club Communications Coordinator, Club Delegate to Emerald Square Dance Center, Club Delegate to Emerald Empire Area Council, Club OFN Reporter, and Club Sheriff. (Sheriff is at the discretion of the President), by the first June dance, and introduces the newly elected officers and appointed chairpersons at the first June dance, and makes sure a list is posted.
  • Preside at board meetings. The “Board” will consist of the elected officers of the club. Board should meet within 30 days before each business meeting to set agenda, etc. at discretion of the officers.
  • Arrange May meeting of outgoing and incoming officers at discretion of President and President-elect.
  • Provide a copy of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies and Procedures to all club members.
  • Responsible for creating a phone tree or calling committee.
  • Notify caller and/or cuer, and Emerald Square Dance Center hall coordinator, if a club dance is cancelled 30 days in advance if possible.


  • Act for President in his/her absence.
  • Be in charge of kitchen and Kitchen Committee and hosts.
  • Be in charge of Welcoming Committee if one is appointed.
  • Be in charge of maintaining kitchen supplies: Cups, plates, napkins, spoons, coffee, instant coffee, tea, creamer, etc.
  • Develop Kitchen and Welcoming Committee lists for the year. Remind people on the list the week before they’re on duty. Post a copy of the list on the inside of the kitchen cupboard door and ask people to keep it up to date by writing in substitutions.
  • For special dances, arrange for extra kitchen and welcoming people and extra supplies.
  • Be in charge of New Dancer Class, including collection of lesson fees, or appoint someone to do it.


  • Receive and respond to correspondence as needed. Read at meetings.
  • Keep a record of business meetings.
  • Render assistance to other officers when called upon—typing, mailing, etc.
  • Communicate election results to Emerald Empire Area Council State Delegate before May 1.
  • Take care of sickness and cheer and send cards/flowers when appropriate. The Secretary will contact the treasurer for approval of these funds. Club members should notify the secretary when goodwill is needed


  • Keep club’s financial books and records, including list of dues paid.
  • Pay bills, preferably by check.
  • Take in club’s money and make bank deposits.
  • Submit Treasurer’s report at each business meeting.
  • Render assistance to President when called upon.
  • Keep record of all dues paid, deposits for special trips, dance fees, etc.
  • Write receipts for all funds received, other than dance revenues.
  • Keep insurance paid for club. (In May?)
  • Keep record of and transmit payments made by club members for State Federation accident insurance to state insurance chairman. (currently paid by Emerald Empire Area Council if a list of club members and associate members are submitted to the council by November 1.)
  • Take money home from dances or arrange for someone else to do so.
  • Provide money box and change for hosts who collect dance admissions
  • The treasurer will be responsible for compiling current membership list. The first membership list will be compiled in June. The membership list will be updated as needed.


  • Schedule and arrange for visitations to other clubs and any additional special dances hosted by the club.
  • Coordinate club emblems, banners, and badges.
  • Coordinate advertising: flyers to other clubs, publicity for special dances, etc.
  • Coordinate decorations.
  • Get visitation schedule to President for newsletters.
  • Not cancel a scheduled club dance for a visitation to another club unless approved by a majoity vote of the eligible voting members at a club business meeting.

SHERIFF will: (Appointed at option of the President)

  • Monitor and collect fees for “infractions” at his/her discretion.


  • Records and a list of duties should be passed on to new officers as they are elected each year.
  • Club square and round dancing will be from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served along with coffee, and tea. Break will be at a time decided by the club. Special dances, such as our ice cream social, will include a break. Dancing on these evenings can continue until 11:30 p.m. The Vice-President will schedule extra kitchen help if needed for these special dances.
  • A complete record of policies and procedures will be kept in a notebook at the square dance hall.



  • Non-members who want to receive the newsletter will pay $10 per year to cover costs (Sept. 2006). Honorary members receive the newsletter at no added charge.
  • Dance fee raised to $5.00 per person (April 2018).
  • Minutes to be distributed in advance of next meeting, then corrected (if needed) and approved at that meeting rather than being fully read at a meeting. Minutes mailed to those without email (Jan. 2007). A synopsis can be read at the meeting at which minutes are approved. This was not an official action, but rather an suggestion that has been implemented.
  • Up to $100 reimbursement can be made for hosts of club activities (Apr. 2007).
  • Suggestion was made to use email as the primary communication means of the club. Email messages, and any other information will be combined from time to time and formed into a printed newsletter that will be mailed to those members who do not have email. It was agreed to try this system for the next dance year (Apr. 2008). There is no fee for non-members who want to be on the email list.

NOTE: These Policies and Procedures may be amended by a majority vote of the eligible voting club members at an official business meeting (Apr. 2014).