The Do’s and Don’ts

Do be friendly to everyone.

Do try to make everyone feel welcome. Give a warm greeting.

Do use the same good manners and common sense you would use anywhere. The Golden Rule applies.

Do practice good hygiene before a dance or lesson. A shower and deodorant will prevent body odor. Square dancing is vigorous and most of us perspire during a fast tip. We dance closely with one another and do not wish of offend.

Do step outside to smoke. Never smoke in the hall. Also remember, smoker’s breath may be unpleasant to some dancers.

Do “yellowrock” (hug) frequently, but only in a friendly way… never too close or suggestive. Be sure the yellowrock is welcomed by the other dancer.

Do pay attention to be sure the caller’s and cuer’s spouse has a partner, if they wish to dance.

Do use a firm handclasp as you dance. There is no need to hold tightly or roughly, but a limp “dish rag” hand is unpleasant for other dancers.

Do maintain “touch” in a square. Use quick handclasps and taps or touches as you pass another dancer that take the place of a full hand holding. This helps the other dancers maintain their positions in the square and will help you stay alert to your own position and direction.

Do dance in different squares, not always with a special group… Be sure everyone feels included.

Do ask someone to dance, now and then, who does not have a partner.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. Everyone makes them…..everyone!

Don’t take food or drink into the dance hall. Spills may cause falls. Spills may also damage the floor.

Don’t hold or grab another dancer’s thumbs while dancing in a square. Being held by the thumb is painful and annoying. A gentle handclasp is best.

Avoid garlic or onions or any food before a dance or lesson that may cause bad breath. You’ll be dancing close to others. Use of toothpaste and mouthwash will ensure you do not offend other dancers.

Don’t drink and do-sa-do. Since square dancing requires a person have control of all their physical and mental faculties, alcohol and square dancing do not go together. Please don’t drink before nor during a dance.

Don’t leave a square once you have joined it. It is very bad manners and feelings may be hurt. If you become ill or injured, if possible, signal that you need someone to take your place. Stopping the square while a replacement arrives is understandable.

Don’t sing loudly, or talk, or whistle in a square after dancing begins. Dancers must be able to hear the caller. Good square dancing depends on the ability to hear the calls.

Don’t do fancy moves or hi-jinks, unless everyone in the square is comfortable with the additions to the calls. If the other dancer does not immediately reciprocate, drop the fancy move.

Do relax and don’t worry. Have Fun!